Recycling PaperChances are your local community, county or state government has a recycling program that incorporates paper recycling. Many communities distribute recycling bins for their recycling programs to make it easier for citizens to collect waste for all types of recycling, including paper. Paper recycling typically includes newspapers, unwanted mail, copy paper, books, magazines, and cardboard from products such as cereal boxes, packing boxes and more. But why do we need to recycle paper?

Paper and paper products are originally made from wood, which comes from trees. The only way to use this wood is to cut the tree down, which reduces the number of trees providing shade, woodland environment, and oxygen. Processing the wood into wood pulp for paper also takes energy and water and increases carbon output. But new paper products can be made from old paper! Recycling saves our trees, our electricity, and our water.

In the United States alone, we use over 200 million tons of paper per year and throw away at least 100 million tons even with current recycling programs. Instead of throwing this resource into our landfills, we should be recycling our paper. Paper recycling is an important way to improve our environment, save money, and reduce landfill use.

Residential paper recycling is important, but so is recycling paper used by business and industry. Just think of all those inter-office memos that are distributed on paper and then thrown away after a quick read! Reducing paper use is one valuable way to improve our environment, but when we must use paper in the office, then recycle it!